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Jaw sets, Noses and Ear Liners

Bring your trophy animal to life with realistic-looking jaw sets, noses and ear liners from some of the most illustrious sculptors in the industry. Our award-winning line of jaw sets and tongues come in base color, as well as natural life-like options, while our mouthpieces come complete with detailed and anatomically correct lower jaw, upper palate, removable septum, teeth, tongue, nostrils and gums.

Most jaw sets, noses, and ear liners are easily adaptable to designs by other sculptors.

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Mohr Prefinished Jaw Sets with Lips and Tongue

Mohr Prefinished Jaw Sets with Lips and Tongue

Item  No Size Price
MM003 Fits SBR 10, 20 $229.95
MM004 Fits SBR 30 $239.95
MM005 Fits SBR 40, 50 $249.95


Natural Life Like Series Jaw Sets

Jaw Set and Tonge

We are pleased to offer Harvey “Mohrs” Award winning line of Jaw Sets and Tongues.
Now available in base color series and the “Museum Quality” Natural life-like series.
* We have other speciality Jaw Sets from Mohr upon request. *

Item  No Species Size Base Color Natural Life-Life
JM01 Black Bear X-Small $42.95 $59.95
JM02 Black Bear Small $46.95 $63.95
JM03 Black Bear Medium $48.95 $65.95
JM04 Black Bear Large $51.95 $72.95
JM05 Grizzly / Medium Polar   $73.95 $93.95
JM06 Kodiak / Large Polar   $83.95 $102.95
JM07 Bobcat Medium $38.95 $47.95
JM08 Bobcat Large $43.95 $52.95
JM09 Mountain Lion Medium $46.95 $60.95
JM10 Mountain Lion Large $48.95 $61.95
JM11 Coyote Medium $41.95 $55.95
JM12 Red Fox Medium $39.95 $53.95
JM13 Arctic Fox Medium $36.95 $52.95
JM14 Wolf Medium/Large $61.95 $74.95
JM15 Badger Medium/Large $38.95 $47.95
JM16 Elk Medium/Large $64.95 $96.95
JM20 Raccoon Medium $39.95 $49.95
JM22 Wolverine Madium $45.95 $56.95
JM23 Wild Boar Large $61.95 $88.95
JM24 Wild Boar X-Large $63.95 $91.95


Jaw Juice


Dries Clear

Retains Wet Look

Paintable when Cured

Super Strong

Jaw Juice

Item No Size   Price
JJ 3.7 oz Tube   $19.95


Brad Eppley Artificial Noses


Artificial Noses

Form No Species Size Price
50BS Black Bear Small $40.95
50BM Black Bear Medium $42.95
50BL Black Bear Large $44.95


Brad Eppley Ear Liners

Ear Liners

Form No Species Size Price
100M Whitetail Medium $17.95
150M Whitetail Medium $17.95
300A Antelope Medium $17.95


Jonas Ear Liners

Ear Liners

Form No Species Price Form No Species Price
A01 Antelope $13.95 M01 Moose $21.95
B01 Badger $10.95 M02 Mountain Goat $14.95
B02 Black Bear Small $11.95 M03 Mountain Sheep $14.95
B03 Black Bear Large $11.95 M04 Mountain Lion $11.95
B04 Bobcat / Lynx $10.95 M05 Mule Deer $17.95
B05 Buffalo, same as WT-001 $15.95 M06 Musk Ox, same as WT-001 $15.95
C01 Caribou, same as WT-001 $15.95 R03 Raccoon / Wolverine $10.95
C02 Coyote $10.95 WT001 Whitetail Deer Small PWTS
R01 Rabbit $12.95 WT002 Whitetail Deer Medium PWTM
R02 Red, Grey or White Fox $10.95 WT003 Whitetail Deer Large PWTL
E01 Elk $17.95 W04 Wolf $11.95
      WB26 Wild Boar $16.95


McKenzie Natural Look Whitetail Ear Liners

Ear Liners

Form No Position Size Price
PWTS Alert Small $15.95
PWTM Alert Medium $16.95
PWTL Alert Large $17.95
PWTMB Back Medium $16.95


Flehmen Mouthpiece


Our Flehmen mouthpiece assembly comes complete with a detailed upper palate, nostrils, removable septum, tongue, lower jaw, teeth and gums. It can be installed easily on the form with hot glue and is ready to mount in minutes. Designed for use with Joe Meder forms, but can easily be adapted to forms by Dennis Behn and other sculptors.

Form No Eye to Nose   Price
FDM3 7 - 7 3/8   $109.95
FDM4 7 1/2 - 8   $109.95


How to Paint Flehmen Mouthpiece Assembly by Joe Meder


  1. Wash all parts with thinner to clean any molding residue or dirt (Photo 1)
  2. Spray the entire palette, lower jaw and tongue with flesh tone. Feather out the flesh tone towards the front of the palette. (Photo 2)
  3. Spray black at a low or flat angle to achieve the desired gray detail of the papillae and palette. (Photo 3)
  4. Lightly spray a thin wash of gill red on the palette and lower jaw to brighten.
  5. Same steps can be used for the tongue, except a deeper colour of red is necessary. Check your references for palette and tongue colours.
  6. The septum should be sprayed with flesh only.
  7. Using Burnt umber oil paint, coat the teeth with paint and wipe off until the desired staining effect is achieved.
  8. Coat all parts with clear gloss and assemble. (Photo 4)



NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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