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Mountain Mike's Reproduction Skulls

Look no further for life-like artificial skulls! Select Taxidermy offers a wide range of skulls with pedicles and slotted artificial skulls with exceptionally realistic detail.

Choose from North American and European skulls, artificial African and exotic skulls, or boar, warthog and camo reproduction skulls.

Our artificial skulls are equipped with a square peg that allows for secure placement of the antlers, and can be mounted on art carved European reproduction panels or solid wood panels.

Speak to Select Taxidermy today about our artificial skulls and the options they present to you.


Reproduction Skulls

Item     Price
Skull Master Deer White     $99.95
Skull Master Deer Camo     $119.95
Skull Master Deer Snow Camo     $119.95
Record Keeper Skull for Deer     $97.95
Record Keeper Skull for Elk     $129.95
Skull Master Elk     $129.95
Positioner Deer     $34.95
Positioner Elk     $44.95
Shed Connectors for Deer     $31.95



NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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